About the institute

Sources of funding

The founders of Mobilitatis Omni have chosen the institute as the most appropriate legal form of this initiative.

Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota was established on August 2nd, 2018, with a founding capital of € 12,000.

The membership fee of the members of the institute is the basic financial source of the institute’s operation. Mobilitatis Omni will at the same time:

  • coordinate the search for EU funds for the upgrade and construction of railway infrastructure in Slovenia and its border regions—in Austria, Croatia and Hungary, and in Italy;
  • coordinate the search for EU funds for the reconstruction of cross-border missing links at all existing railway crossings of Slovenia with Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy; and
  • coordinate the search for EU funding for the construction of long-distance cycle paths along existing and new railways corridors.