Re-opening & upgrading core & inter-regional railway lines

Connecting Eeast
with West by re-forming cross-border
railway connections in Slovenia, Austria,
Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

Mobilitatis Omni railway network in Slovenia graphical map of 2021 and proposal for 2030
Welcome to the Central-European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Re-connecting regions in five countries by railway

Railway is considered one of the critical infrastructures of the 21st century. Sustainable mobility is the key focus of the whole of Europe. But, in that same 21st century five EU neighbour countries–Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy–still don’t have the railway connections and all the railway border crossing they had before the second world war. It’s about time we change that.

We advocate reconnecting regions, cities, and people in the whole of Central Europe. We started the central European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility. This way, we will achieve not only mobility of everyone but also a future proof transport system already today.

Founders & Members of the Mobilitatis Omni
Research Tracks of the Congress

Three Thematic- and One
Open Track at the 2021 Congress

The 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress Future-Proof Cross-border Transport Systems as a Sustainable Mobility of Cities and Regions today has three thematic and one open track. Call for Sessions is published and we will publish Call for Abstracts soon.

Congress partners

2021 Mobilitatis
Omni Congress Partners

The 2021 Mobiliatis Omni Congress is organised by partners from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture; Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Transportation Research, Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering and the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Department of Railway Transport, and finally Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota.

Lead Partner
Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota

Mobilitiatis Omni (Mura’s institute for infrastructure development, Murska Sobota) is a civil initiative to link policies and economy with sustainable mobility for all, physical and mental health and sport through the re-opening of existing cross-border inter-regional railway lines with a simultaneous proposal to establish long-distance bicycling paths along these lines.


Keynote & Invited Speakers

Meet the hand-picked keynote and invited speakers of the 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress.


Borna Abramović

Assoc. Prof. Dr., Leiter des Lehrstuhls für Bahnverkehrsmanagement, Abteilung für Bahnverkehr, Fakultät für Verkehrs- und Verkehrswissenschaften, Universität Zagreb, Kroatien
Profile of the Congress

Sponsorships & Exhibitors Invitation

The 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Conference will demonstrate and share the latest research in sustainable mobility including the expertise of the transport industry and (e)mobility solutions demonstration. With the conference, we are laying the foundations of enhanced cross-border mobility of all and sustainable development in European Union border regions for present and future generations. All conference attendees will have the option to join the Central-European Alliance of Cross-border Transport Systems and Sustainable Mobility of Cities and Regions.

One good reason to sponsor and exhibit at the Mobilitatis Omni 2021 Conference. We need to de-carbonise transport and we need to make mobility sustainable. Present your solution!
Douglas Adams wrote in his world-famous Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that the number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Join the 42 profiles at the conference and exchange insights.
is the year of the railway. Railway and other sustainable means of transport play a crucial role to our environment and well-being. Join the Alliance for Sustainable Mobility and design the future proof transport system today.
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