Re-connecting East with West

Co-design sustainable infrastructure policies with us—for a competitive economy and mobility of all of us.

Mobilitatis Omni railway network in Slovenia graphical map of 2021 and proposal for 2030
Welcome to the Central-European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Re-connecting regions
in five countries with cross-border railway lines

Railway is considered one of the critical infrastructures of the 21st century. Sustainable mobility through the Green Deal of the European Commission is the key focus of the whole of Europe. 

At the same time, today in the 21st century five EU neighbour countries–Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy–still don’t have the railway connections and all the railway border crossing they had before the second world war. It’s about time we change that.

We advocate re-constructing missing links at the railway border crossing of Slovenia with our neighbours. That is why we have a plan to upgrade the current 1,207 km of the railway lines to 1,370 km of the railway lines.


What to expect
from the Alliance?

We offer railway and cycling infrastructure upgrade services based on membership in our Mobilitatis Omni institute to companies, cities and municipalities. At the same time we form partnerships with economic chambers, civic and regional institutions, and NGOs. We are more than willing to accept personal membership too.

Upgrade plan of railway lines network in Slovenia up to 2030



1.207 kms of all railway lines => 1.370 kms of all railway lines
333 kms of double-track lines => 333 km of double-track lines + 156 kms new double-track lines = 489 kms of double-track lines
652 kms of single tracks + 222 kms of single tracks, electrified = 874s km of single tracks => 652 kms of single tracks + 254 kms of single tracks, electrified = 906 kms of single tracks
167 kms of railways in upgrade/planning/intention => 841 kms of railways in upgrade/planning/intention
Your company key benefits
Better international connectivity among regions in five countries

There is no need why any manager should travel inside Slovenia or cross-border by car. Our proposal of three core and eleven inter-regional railway corridors will enable every manager to travel from east to west and south-north safely and time efficiently. By train.

Your city/municipality key benefits
Automatised railway stations and stops with upgraded infrastructure crossings causing no more traffic jams

Cities and municipalities will radically upgrade their railway station to bring their citizens efficiently and sustainably to their stations. No more street traffic jams due to railway and street crossing as al the core- and most important inter-regional railway crossing will be upgraded. 

Economic chamber/Civic/Regional institution/NGO key benefits
Enabling radically better cross-border mobility

The economy needs workers to travel efficiently on daily basis. And workers need frequent and cost-efficient daily cross-border connections. We will secure an upgrade of all railway cross-border crossing according to standards for railway in European Union. That will enable new opportunities for railway operators and thus frequency for railway cross-border connections.

SI+AT-HR-HU-IT Core & Inter-Regional Railway Corridor Proposals
Three Core TEN-T Cross-Border Railway Corridors.
Eleven Inter-Regional TEN-T Cross-Border Railway Corridors.

Let's finally round the railway network that the Austro-Hungarian Empire constructed in the 19th century. Because the 20th century was really bad news for this railway network in today's five countries. At the end of the Second World War German Army mined several critical railway lines of this nework. Even more importantly, authorities in former Yugoslavia disabled several railway border crossings during the Cold War, in the 1950s and 1960s. In Slovenia alone, authorities closed six out of nine railway cross-border crossings with Austria, Hungary, and Italy and dismantled many core and regional railway border lines.

Three out of six cross-border railway crossing have been restored so far on the border of Slovenia with its three friendly neighbours in west, north and east. Additionally, out of six railway border crossings between Slovenia and Croatia, only few are used for regional and local railway transport with much less frequent connection. With the Alliance, we will jointly advocate railway cross-border re-connections and railway infrastructure upgrade according to the common European Union (EU) standards. That is why we have designed three core and eleven inter-regional (comprehensive) Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) railway corridor proposals.

Select your favourite/
most important railway corridor(s)

    Choose one or more of your favourite core and inter-regional corridors (required)

    Core Corridor Sava
    Core Corridor Danube–Mura–Drava
    Core Corridor Drava–Mura–Raba–Danube
    Inter-Regional Corridor Mura–Drava
    Inter-Regional Carinthia Corridor
    Inter-Regional Paka–Savinja–Sotla Corridor
    Ljubljana Leg of the Sava Corridor
    Inter-Regional Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa Corridor
    Inter-Regional Corridor Julian Alps/Bohinj Rail
    Inter-Regional Corridor Istria
    Inter-Regional Corridor Kvarner
    Inter-Regional Corridor Notranjska–Goriška
    Inter-Regional Corridor Zala–Mura–Drava

    Interactive map of railway network in Slovenia and its neighbours—Austria, Croatia, HUngary & Italy
    Legend rail map Slovenia and neighbour countries

    The 2021
    Omni Congress

    Future-Proof Cross-Border
    Transport Systems as a Sustainable
    Mobility of Cities and Regions Today

    3 - 5 November, 2021

    The three-day congress held in person and streamed live video online.

    Health Centre Radenci, Slovenia

    Bioclimate health resort in the beautiful region along the beautiful river Mura. Radenci are world-famous for its mineral water Radenska.
    Research Tracks of the Congress

    Three Thematic- and One
    Open Track at the 2021 Congress

    The 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress Future-Proof Cross-border Transport Systems as a Sustainable Mobility of Cities and Regions today has three thematic and one open track. Call for Sessions is published and we will publish Call for Abstracts soon.

    Congress partners

    2021 Mobilitatis
    Omni Congress Partners

    The 2021 Mobiliatis Omni Congress is organised by partners from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture; Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Transportation Research, Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering and the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Department of Railway Transport, and finally Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota.

    Lead Partner
    Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota

    Mobilitiatis Omni (Mura’s institute for infrastructure development, Murska Sobota) is a civil initiative to link policies and economy with sustainable mobility for all, physical and mental health and sport through the re-opening of existing cross-border inter-regional railway lines with a simultaneous proposal to establish long-distance bicycling paths along these lines.


    Keynote & Invited Speakers

    Meet the hand-picked keynote and invited speakers of the 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress.


    Borna Abramović

    Dr., Associate Professor, Chair of Railway Transport Management at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

    Janez Koželj

    Deputy Mayor at the City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Claudia Kiso

    Scientific Policy Adviser at the German Environment Agency, Sustainable Mobility in Urban and Rural Areas department, Germany

    Sylvia Titze

    Ao. Univ.-Prof. at the Institute of Human Movement Science, Sport and Health, University of Graz, Austria

    Marko Kapetanović

    PhD researcher at the Transport and Planning department of Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

    Ian Walker

    Dr., Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC), Institute for Policy Research (IPR) Smart Warehousing and Logistics Systems, University of Bath, United Kingdom

    Maria Juschten

    Research Fellow at the Vienna Institute for Transport Studies, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

    Jaap Vleugel

    Researcher and Staff Member at the Department of Transport and Planning, Coordinator and Lecturer at the MSc Course Transport Infrastructure and Logistic and Bachelor Course Economics and Externalises of Transport at the Civil Engineering and Geosciences Faculty, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    Profile of the Congress

    Sponsorships & Exhibitors Invitation

    The 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress will demonstrate and share the latest research in sustainable mobility including the expertise of the transport industry and (e)mobility solutions demonstration. With the congress, we are laying the foundations of enhanced cross-border mobility of all and sustainable development in European Union border regions for present and future generations. All congress attendees have the option to join the Central European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility.

    One good reason to sponsor and exhibit at the 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress. We need to de-carbonise transport and we need to make mobility sustainable. Present your solution!
    Douglas Adams wrote in his world-famous Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that the number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Join the 42 profiles at the conference and exchange insights.
    is the year of the railway. In the 21st century it is about time that we close the cross-border railway missing links and cross-border connections. This is one of the biggest opportunities for enhanced mobility, economic and sustainable development in European Union.
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